West Bund Security Kiosk



project year: 2019


项目位于上海黄浦江西岸文化走廊。业主计划在西岸沿线升级30个治安岗亭,兼顾治安和服务市民的综合功能。已贯通的西岸公园与各大美术馆成为上海市民参与公共活动和体验艺术文化的平台。 如何满足不同场地的各自条件,并集合信息互动,公共服务,治安管理等功能,是这个项目要解决的问题。


The project is located in the Shanghai West Bund. The client plans to upgrade 30 security kiosks along the West Bank, which have the comprehensive functions of public service. The West Bund Park and major art galleries have become a platform for Shanghai residents to participate in public activities and experience art and culture. How to meet the respective conditions of different venues and integrate the functions of information interaction, public services, security management, etc., is the problem to be solved by this project.
We use variable-angle cabin modules to adapt to different site roads and landscape views.
Different from the traditional security pavilion, the open and changing kiosk presents an inviting gesture, enhancing the sense of public participation. It provides a place where people can relax, talk, inquire, shop, and get emergency assistance. Hinges and bearings turn simple forms into interactive urban landscapes that are changeable and adaptable to different sites.

It is not only a machine, but also a movable space, breaking people's traditional expectations of architecture, blurring the boundaries between objects, buildings and events, and delivering part of the power to shape the space into the hands of users.