Neiwai RCC



project year: 2018


“NEIWAI” is a company from China focusing on comfortable underwear design. This interior project locates at Raffles City Changning in Shanghai. “Neiwai”, as it presents in Chinese, has a meaning of “Beauty generates from inside to outside”. While thinking in architectural way, it awakes people’s reconsideration about a certain space, materials, and boundaries.

Woman are fluid. Light, metal, plastic, glass and wood represent the individual pieces of womanhood. Materials flow in space and blend together. Straight lines, curves, squares, circles, single-dimensional surfaces, multi-dimensional surfaces... The form is no longer the object of the definitional concept. The simplicity and complexity of a woman mean that no single word can cover her.

The light band of the ceiling gives a hint of directionality and introduces people into the interior space. Alumina plates wrap high-precision 3D scanners inside. With the white table and the delicate stainless steel frame, we responded to various definitions of women while exploring the characteristics of materials.

We also designed a dedicated display table for NEIWAI, her name is "AVA", made of FRP. Her curves represent the beauty of the female body.


女人是流体。光、金属、塑料、玻璃和木代表着女人个性的各个片断。 材料在空间里流动, 交融在一起。
直线、曲线、方、圆、单维曲面、多维曲面…形式不再是限定概念的客体,女人的单纯和复杂, 没有一个词语可以将她概括。