project year: 2019


The Huaqiao TOD is located in Huaqiao Town, Kunshan. It is the core area connecting Suzhou and Shanghai, as well as the transportation hub of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai, with an excellent geographical location. However, due to unbalanced development, Huaqiao town is more like a service area for Shanghai and Suzhou, with a small resident population, few industry types, and an underdeveloped tertiary industry. Therefore, a lot of people choose to live in Huaqiao but work in Shanghai or Suzhou, makes Huaqiao town a ‘Bedroom town’. How to solve the problem of ‘bedroom town’ is the vital challenge of this design. Huaqiao station, which located at the junction of the Shanghai No.11 metro and Suzhou S1 line, is the key to the dilemma.

Equipped with a full set of support systems, which integrates work, shopping, living, leisure, education, and medical care, aiming to build a TOD future city with a full life cycle, Huaqiao TOD forms a modern production, living and ecological area with self-circulation function. The 24-7 futurism city will awaken the ‘bedroom city’ Huaqiao.

The Huaqiao TOD planning is designed with a planning idea of ‘three axes, one core’. Taking the three-dimensional transportation hub as the core of the planning organization, it connects the residential, commercial and office functions in the area and spread out to the whole town, so as to retain the existing urban context and provide comprehensive amenities for the city. A variety of public commercial functions are carried out around transportation hubs. Shopping malls,  exhibition halls, art galleries, kindergartens, and other large urban public functions provide a wealth of urban activities, so as to condense the vitality of the city. Different scales of public areas formed by the enclosure of different buildings will provide varies of activity possibilities. Amenities set in every corner of the block make lives in communities much easier. Equipped with sports parks, roof gardens, watering landscape, and in-block-garden, the TOD planning ensures the theme of sustainable urban greening and also echoes the regional context of Huaqiao Town.