Hemudu House



project year: 2016

STATUS: under construction

Yuyao House is located in Yuyao, Zhejiang, China, with ​​500 square meters GFA. The entire building is hidden in the forest. It inadvertently appears when people roaming on a narrow trail. Simple interlaced geometry makes the facade timidly hidden in the forest and appears a humble and intimate image. Entering into the house, people are exposed to nature. Interior space is illuminated by sunlight so that the building is transformed into a transparent medium which closely connects people and the natural environment, providing an inclusive living space for people who suffer from urban stress.

The building has four floors in accordance with site terrain. There are a garage and storage rooms on the first floor. The second floor is a large public space. There is a linkage between the open terrace and a small viewing platform. Inside the building, a living room, dining room and kitchen are well connected to each other without wall partitions. Users can use these places without any restriction; at the same time, the view can be extended to a large extent.

Bedrooms and studies are on the third and fourth floors. French windows transform each room into a view collector, capturing the charming scenery.

The staircase, enclosed with two pieces of wall with rectangular and circular openings on each side, is the important daily communal space. Step by step, the view is blocked with the stairs and sometimes it is widely open. Shadow and light interlaced in the multi-level space, resembling the experience of passing through the forest.The choice of materials also pursues minimalism. Gray concrete, white paint, wood flooring and large French windows outline the villa's natural trait as well as the modern characteristic.




三层四层是卧室和书房。卧室中大面积的落地玻璃让整个室内变成一个取景器,将山野美景收纳其中。 方窗和圆窗夹出来的楼梯空间是每天生活的必经地。穿梭其间,视线随着楼梯时而被遮挡,时而又分外开阔,阳光从屋顶的天窗照射进来,随着时间在多层空间中留下轨迹,极尽穿梭山林的趣味。材料的选择上也追求极简,青色混凝土,白色涂料,木色地板以及大面积落地窗,勾勒出别墅自然又不失现代的风格。