Danyang Optical Shop



project year: 2019


The project is located at the intersection of Station Road and Zhongshan Road in Danyang, China. Perched on the north bank of the Danyang station and west back of the Danyang International Glasses city .It has a great display interface and a great location within walking distance.

Danyang is known as the eyewear capital of China. More than 100 million sets of frames, accounting for about one-third of the country and more than 400 million lenses, accounting for 75% of the country and 40% of the world are produced there. As an internet celebrity brand born here, Qingshan Liangjing transcends the traditional operation concept, combining glasses, design and fashion life, giving glasses more humanistic meaning.

The original building is the site of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Our design strategy is to open the boundaries of the original building, make the internal environment interact with the urban space, and make the interior an extension of the public space. The optical shop is no longer a place for sale, and a coffee bar is set in the interior combining the window and the front desk, which gives the living function of space communication and experience, and another angle for people to watch the city.

We use as little material as possible to restore the appearance of the space itself, and make hints and connections between the spaces. The interior furnishings break the stereotyped layout of a conventional eyewear store, combining casual bar counters with display functions. The central bar arranged in the core area of the first floor has both cash register and service functions. The bar counters on the floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides provide customers with a more comfortable leisure area. The arc wall display in the corridor on the first floor introduces people to the next space. The functions of the second floor space include optometry and optician room and rest waiting area. Compared with the products on the first floor, they are more targeted and provide customers with more choices and services.

The entire two levels are covered by a luminous glass box. Light and minimalist shapes have shaped the city's most recognizable landmarks. The pure "light box" as the new business card of the eyeglass capital brings new vitality to the city.