project year: 2018


ABOX is currently the largest subscription-based cloth matching platform in China. Clothes are packaged in a “box” and sent to customers who ordered. The original office plan was set as segregated office with different scale columns disturbing the view. We open the partition and hide the columns in different boxes. Inside function of the boxes are conference room, telephone room, meeting room, exhibition, etc. The semi-enclosed space between each boxes provides various communication spaces, such as standing office, bar, small conference table, printing room, self-service, etc. The "box" divides the main office into two parts, which do not interfere with each other, at the same time avoid the monotony in pure open space, creating a flexible, interactive and efficient open office.

The most enclosed spaces like photo studio, storage room are placed on the north side of the office together with the original equipment room, restroom and other service spaces, thus making the south side a complete open space. In order to make the most use of this limited space, the designer provides different scale multi-functional space to achieve the possibility of “cooperative sharing”: an open step-type rest area which can hold large-scale conference activities for the whole company; largest meeting room is adjacent to the rest area, using of the electro-fog glass allows these two spaces organically connected when there is not a meeting on, while ensures the privacy during the meeting. Mobile office areas, flexible tables and chairs, and writing boards provide possibilities for discussion scenarios that may arise.


“盒”将主办公区分为两个部分,既不互相干扰,又互相渗透, 避免了开放式空间的单调,创造了一个灵活、互动、高效的开放办公场所。大会议室紧靠休息区域,电雾玻璃的使用使得在无会议时两个空间产生贯通,而在会议进行时又能保证隔离不被打扰。为了使有限的空间得到高效的利用,办公室中提供了不同尺度多功能交流空间从而达到“合作共享”的可能。开放的阶梯式休息区可以举行全公司的大型会议活动。移动办公区域、灵活布置的桌椅和写字板,为随时可能产生的讨论场景提供可能。摄影棚、储藏室等围合度较高的功能被安置在北侧,与原有设备间、卫生间等服务空间安置在一起,从而将南侧打造为一个完整的纵向开放办公空间。