2020 monument



project year: 2020




People have experienced too much in 2020. Living for too long in the peaceful age, people has become numb to danger and uncertainty. War, plague, hunger, and death seem to only appear in front of the movie screen full of popcorn flavor. When everything comes suddenly, when suspicion, misunderstanding, hatred, and killing emerge like a tide in the void of life, people begin to re-examine their weakness and ignorance. The world has been transformed into a riddled with holes. Maybe human beings should build a tombstone for themselves early to record the glories and mistakes they made. Human beings have begun to explore the endless universe and unobservable strings, but they still can’t live their lives well. Death is a kind of eternity, forcing people to explore the ultimate meaning. It is like ruins, stripped of all decorations and scenes, showing the essence of architecture. To build a monument for 2020, which should look like a human being.