Neiwai Kerry Center



project year: 2017


“NEIWAI” is a company from China focusing on comfortable underwear design. This interior project locates at Kerry Center in Shanghai. “Neiwai”, as it presents in Chinese, has a meaning of “beauty generates from inside to outside”. While thinking in an architectural way, it awakes people’s reconsideration about a certain space, materials, and boundaries.

“NEIWAI” is pursuing a neutral attitude toward daily life, identifying themselves as a “purified”, “peace”, and even “serene” design team, working to make life more comfortable. The architectural elements here in our design which set up as a pantomime is brought into stage:

The height difference through the entrance and the brand creates a large frame, providing a perspective of a theatre from outside to inside. The frame naturally brings you into a Hitchcockian experience, you are in the scene from both sides, and the double-sided frame sets you as a participant on the stage, not just an observer. As the space shifts, the arch from Piranesi’s Roman remains leads you into another area, the void boundary and the solid walls draws a clear outline of a sculptural and abstract replica of the commercial space, architecturally expressing NEIWAI’s philosophy in life and ideas in design.

The shelves are designed to be long and narrow, which stand as a metaphor for the beauty of women’s figure. The thin elements of the shelves also create an elegant feeling and improve the spatial experience.

During the design, the limits coming from the structural columns and the vertical pipes lead to some inevitable idea shifts, but at the same time it creates unexpected remapping of the arrangement and emotional change of the “NEIWAI” experience.

The fixture and fittings in the store also show our simple and geometric design language in this project. The design provides multiple perspectives from different spots in the space. As the walls facing different directions, space is identified with various properties. Engaging with the corners intersected by the walls, our design attempts to create a peaceful feeling in an authentic manner.